All About My Mother

This was the very last film I watched before my hard disk crushed. And that isn`t a thing to joke about. Pedro Almadovar is already a familiar face to me - his latest film "Bad Education" is still quite fresh in my memory. But this film is better than the movie about gays. Not that "AAMM" lacks in contraversy - there are two crossdressing prostitutes in this film as well, there are lesbian actresses, a pregnant nun that has the HIV who`s pregnant from the same person that was the father of the guy who started to write an essay "All About My Mother" before he died hit by a car. But in this film at least the leading woman character Manuela is particulary normal, and she does her best overcoming the loss of her only child. The nun is played by Penelope Cruz and she`s absolutely gorgeous. What amazes me in this film is that there is absolutely no nudity on the screen, quite unlike what could be seen in "Bad Education". And what does it make me think of - while straight directors show naked women, homosexual directors show only naked men, and since there aren`t any homosexuals around this time from the aestethical point of view this movie is purist. The film is full of positive energy despite the fact that it can drive you to tears.
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