Who Framed Roger Rabbit
film — USA — 1988

This is a memory from the joyful days of childhood. Everybody loves Roger Rabbit, when he`s little. And not without a reason - this film is a perfect example of usage of mixed animation and live actors. There are toons in this world, there are people, there are those, that follow Mohammed (no, don`t think about the latter category). So, the owner of the Acme company is murdered by a toon and Roger Rabbit is blamed for that for that guy played pattycakes with his wife. A toon hating cop tries to solve the case. The plot isn`t very smart, and that`s not a problem, it`s a movie for children, for christsake! But what counts is that it features cartoon characters from both Warner Brothers and Disney production - you can actually see Duffy Duck and Donald Duck sharing the same stage. But the humor isn`t particulary great. Except for a few funny sexual references most jokes fall flat for me. No, I must admit that it sounds funny "Is that a rabbit in your coat or are you just happy to see me?" - I don`t know how this was admitted in a family movie, or: "I have the lust of a fifty year old but a dinky of a three year old". That`s - if you`re in for animation, watch it; otherwise - beat it.
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