Magical Mystery Tour
film — UK — 1967

It was the first commercial flop for the Beatles. And I don`t wonder why. While "A Hard Day`s Night" was a funny and not too typical comedy, while "Help!" was a silly B level comedy, those films still at least made some sense. This film on the contrary was directed by the Beatles themselves, and great filmmakers they were not. Especially it goes for the storyline - there isn`t a one. Ok, if you call "people get on a bus and they go for a magical mystery tour by bus where nothing really ever happens" a story line, then it is what you just read. Otherwise it`s just some crappy bus images mixed with some silly sequences without the bus. The only part of the film which I liked was the performance of "I am the Walrus" which despite being a bit strange was good. And the "Bonzo Dog Band" playing some Elvis imitation was also at least decent, although the strippers breasts were censored. But everything else is just a sloppy mess - there`s close no humour involved, it`s just psychedelic, and that doesn`t work for me at all. As for the music - now that is the biggest disaster - only the title song and "I`m the Walrus" from the great Beatles songs are present in this film, while everything else is either film muzak or simply not worth mentioning. Still I don`t rate this film particulary low since this film at least doesn`t seem very pretentious, it isn`t long, and I like them Beatles quite much.
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