film — USA — 1994

I really saw Jim Jarmush standing somewhere in the shadows of this film. And I`m not a fan of his. Not that I`ve seen more than 25 minutes from his entire filmmakers career, but I still don`t like Jim Jarmush. He`s boring as a lecture of economy. But this film has in fact very little to do with Jarmush. Except for the fact that it`s atmosphere is somewhat similar to that part of Jarmush`s film I once saw. Anyway, you see, Dante Hicks is this white guy working at a local convenience store, and everything goes wrong for him on this one day where he in some way goes through the nine rings of hell. He goes to work on his free day for a few hours, but nobody comes to replace him, his pal from the video store next door scares all the customers away, he finds out that his girlfriend has suck 36 other man`s members, while his ex-girlfriend whom he still loves has sex with a dead pervert in the toilet thinking that she`s making love to him, hell, that`s one tough day. Whom do we get to see in this movie? First, there`s Jay and Silent Bob - those two funny drugdealing weirdos who also took part in `Dogma`, then there`s this chick Marilyn Ghigliotti also from `School of Rock`. That`s probably it. The film isn`t particulary fast paced, but it`s comic moments stand out tall, and it`s sad moments fall down low, and it reminds of the positive aspects of the French new-wave. A conclusion in 3 words: I liked it.
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