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Smash Mouth is a fine fun band from the States, and this is the bands most popular album. It`s not particulary new, of course, since 5 years have already passed since it first came out, but I hadn`t listened to it before today. What it represents is a somewhat optimistic brand of pop music without very much substance. What it doesn`t represent is very good quality of the songs. While "All Star" which I extremely popular mainly because it was featured in "Shrek" is a really catchy tune, nothing apart from this song stands out from the context of the album. It has its share of funk and reaggae elements but this is certainly not more than simple background music. Well, "Can`t get enough of you baby" is good, I gotta admit that, and "Come on, come on" is also fun. But now that`s it. Of course, nothing on here is offensive, disastrous or anything like that but this is just your average band - having a few highlights, a few lower points but not being able to make a whole album without filler ("Fallen horses" and "Stoned", for example, has no purpose apart from being the longest songs on the record).
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