Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are no strangers to me - they are the two guys who directed "City of the Lost Children", and even if I hadn`t known that I would have noticed it anyway, for this film is something like the first part for that film. Not that it really is the first part, not that what happens here necessarily should happen before the Lost Children. So, there`s this postapocalypic world we live in - there are no plants, there are close to no animals and there`s a very low level of technic as well - not like it was in "Blade Runner" where people lived in ruins but rode flying cars. But what we have here is this guy Louison (who played the clones in that other film) who is a former clown but now works for a butcher who sells human meat, and is planning to feed Louison to his clients - not that they would be shocked about that - they know it, for they need meat and there`s no other meat available. There are also vegetarians living underground and being at a constant war with the carnivours. And Louison falls in love with Julie, the butchers daughter. There`s too much to tell, actually - weird stylistics, etc. Of course, there`s nothing you hadn`t already seen in the City (although this film came first, it`s by far less popular), but does that really matter. Did we get something unexpected in the second part of Godfather? No, we didn`t but it`s still the second highest rated film at the IMDB.
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