Bonnie and Clyde

Is there anybody around not knowing the infamous story of Bonnie and Clyde? The most famous criminals of the Great depression, they still live in the minds of millions of people, symbolising freedom and not caring about whatever. Of course, the story of Bonnie and Clyde is certainly much more of a fairy-tale than true facts, but who cares about that. She`s beatiful (Faye Dunaway) and he`s handsome (Warren Beatty) but not a great lover, only a great bank robber. Gene Hackman is Clyde`s brother, thus completing a cast of great actors. The story and the way of narration is certainly inspired by the French new-wave but it`s still a lot of fun. What this film doesn`t really do is glorifying violence but neither does it put it down, just like some Godard would like it. But in comparison to "A bout de souffle" B&C is quite entertaining, and the characters are much more understandable. The ending is quite brief, but that`s not a problem for me. I wouldn`t call this one of the greatest films ever, that great it most certainly ain`t but it`s a very solid film truly deserving to be remembered.
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