Rat Race

I don`t really know how I managed to live for so long without watching this film. The reason why I should have watched it is the appearance of John Cleese. It would be silly of me to tell who John Cleese is since I have already done that on many, many occasions. There`s Rowan Atkinson here though, which is not a bonus imho. And Amy Smart - you know, that girl from "Butterfly Effect". And Whoopy Goldberg! And it`s directed by the director of "Ghost"! Ok, enough of that already. An owner of a Vegas casino hosts the weirdest horse (not really) race ever where 6 people are on their way to get two million bucks. But since they are each others enemies it`s not the easiest task for any of them. I`m not gonna tell more about it, except for the fact that John Cleese is the casino guy and that the main thing about the race is a stupid bet for some rich morons (who among other things like to bet on who`s gonna be the first to throw up on an airplane and how much an exact sexual perversion might cost). It`s pretty funny, I must say. Although it`s definetely not the smart kind of humour, I really don`t care as far as I get my laughs.
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