Stille Zeile Sechs
book — Germany — 1991

I must admit that I consider myself a bit sexist in the terms of judging books written by female authors. Except V.Woolf and Iris Murdoch I can`t really come up with a name of any other female writer who`s books I have really enjoyed. Of course, it`s no big wonder for quite many of the most notorious female writers have written mainly poetry - and I don`t give a dirty nickel for poetry, not even a dime. Wait, a dime is more than a nickel! Still, this book isn`t bad, it`s certainly worth reading. There`s this 42-year-old woman named Rose who lives in the late eighties in East Germany, she does the typing for an old communist who isn`t able to write his own biography (I somehow think of my former literature teacher). And she starts hating the man, for he`s everything she doesn`t want to be. There`s also an old female piano teacher that`s fallen in love for the first time, and therefore doesn`t wannt to teach piano to Rose. Actually, there`s not much going on but at least 80% of the book are interesting to read, still some moments are too slow paced for me. A classic this may not become but a solid reading experience it is.
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