Up in Smoke

A guy whom I don`t know somewhere on the Latvian internet said that this was the best film ever. Thinking that a lone stranger can`t be wrong, I decided to give it a try. The first thing that dissapointed me was the fact that the first few minutes seemed somewhat familiar. I must have seen the beggining of the film somewhere. Why was it bad? Because I hadn`t watched it further which can only mean that this film is of mean quality. And yes it is. There`s those two guys - Pedro and Man, and what they do is smoking weed and using other forms of drugs. But in comparison to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas this is no drug movie at all. This is branded to be a comedy but I somehow don`t remember myself laughing while watching this film. Of course, it`s cool to drive a car made entirely from drugs but that doesn`t make a good film. The only positive bit was the battle of the bands competition in the film - a few completely unkown to me punk bands participated in it, and that was cool. Apart from that - I can`t find absolutely no reason why somebody would watch this unless, of course, he hears from some stranger that this film rocks.
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