book — Germany — 1991

How can I rate a book which I didn`t understand? I don`t really know. I can provide some information on the book, but that`s it. We have here quite a lot of stories and a play. The stories leave me absolutely clueless. They tell about Jews I presume and arabs or something like that. What they mainly do - is wasting the paper, I know that this is supposed to be impressionism or something of that kind but it bores be to death. Nothing ever happens in those stories. For example, the long story "My Heart" is something like 80 letters written by a chick to two guys plus telegramms and letters to minor characters. But all those letters are about nothing. And there`s "The Peter Hille Book" - it`s also quite long and presumably is about wanderings with some mythological creature, but it has no real story line and it leaves me sleeping in the end. Then there`s the play "Die Wupper" (as far as I know Wupper is a city). What is it all about? Nothing. There are factory workers present, and there`s the factory owner, that`s the most I can tell. Damn, am I stupid. How on earth could I understand what this is all about? I can`t rate this book extremely low for I must admit that I didn`t get it. Probably somebody else will. Who knows.
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