My Language and I
book — Germany — 1978

Having already read a novel by this author I decided - why wouldn`t I read a collection of stories that was also included in the book of "Higher Hopes" I took from the library. And it proved quite a positive experience. Some of the stories aren`t particulary spectacular, I must admit that the most of them haven`t found a place in my heart to stay but because of a few perfectly atmosperical and very interesting stories this still deserves a high rating. The absolute pinnacle surely is "The mirror tale" which I remember having read at school. It`s about a young woman that dies and relives her life backwards. It`s something like the first time she meets her boyfriend is the last, her mommy gets picked up from the cemetary, she has to forget, how to read and to speak. Touching. Very touching indeed. Then there`s "Der Gefesselte" - a weird man who`s tied by a rope and performs like that in the circus, who`s afraid that his ties may be broken. And "Where I live" - a man suddenly finds out that his apartment has gone one staircase lower, and how he copes with that. Of course, there are other stories as well, but these are the most outstanding ones. My conclusion - if you read it, be ready to skip the boring stories, and you`ll be rewarded with the good ones.
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