Peles Knie
book — Germany — 1999

This is the rare case when I had high expectations before starting to read the book, even without knowing anything about it. But I liked the cover and the subtitle "six seductions". I thought this could be something spicy and yet smart, but I was proved to be wrong. The first story is about a painter H.Bosch who drinks too much wine. The second story is about a woman that goes to holy place hoping to be cured but still dies. The third one is totally weird - there`s some guy talking about hyenas being nice or something like that. Then there`s the fourth story where two guys discover the life of Jean Paul (if I knew who that was, but it seems to be a historical figure). Then there`s the story "Pele`s Knee" which tells us about the youth of the footballer and how his knee hurts him still in the 90s. But the best story is the last, and it`s entitled "The Fear of the Matter" where we have a scientist named Szilard going to Einstein first to say - send a letter to the president that he should make an atomic bomb, and then later - that he shouldn`t use it. So? What was it like? Nothing spectacular, it`s just a book and nothing more. Don`t judge a book by looking at the cover, I can say, for this book didn`t turn out to be what I though it could be.
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