Blow Out
film — USA — 1981

"Night fever - night fever!" No, it`s not the film where you could hit the dance floor like a maniac to the sound of the Bee Gees. But it`s a film where you can see a young John Travolta. He`s a sound engineer for porn movies, but his life plays out an unexpected twist when he saves the life of a girl who was trapped in a car that fell into a river where a dude going to be elected for senator died. And what`s the coolest - Jack (that`s Travolta) was recording some sounds for a film and recorded how the car fell into the river and found out that it was an assassination and not an accident. So he wants to find out from Sally (that`s the chick) what happened. She acts as if she was a hooker but she was indeed just a silly little girl working at creating pictures for blackmail. But there`s a maniac on the loose - the guy who shot the car and who starts killing young women. What I liked about the film was that he did kill Sally in the end - at least there was no happy ending, this stupid chick wasn`t a particulary lovable character anyway. Oh, I almost forgot - this film was directed by Brian da Palma. Who`s the cat? - you`ll ask. I have no idea - I`ll answer, but he seems to be a really cool director that hasn`t made any really good films.
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