An Angel Comes to Babylon
book — Switzerland — 1953

The name of the author seemed to be familiar. Usually I don`t go for plays. Or do I? I`m not really sure. Anyhow, the German project goes on. And here is a fine example of a diamond found in the huge pile of you-know-what. There`s this perfect girl/woman that was created by God just a few hours ago and now she has to be given to the only beggar in the world, named Akki, to help him improve his life. But everything goes wrong when Nebunakdnezar, the local king and tyrant dresses up as a beggar to convince Akki to change his lifestyle. What comes out of it is that Kurrubi - the girl - ends up given to the king. Which on one hand means that the king is the poorest man in the world and on the other - that he`s lucky. Only he doesn`t know of his luck and gives the girl away to... Akki. There`s lots of complicated problems in this short play, and it`s not only comical but also quite deep. For example, there`s a statue of the king in the garden which has exchangable heads, so no new statue should be made, when the king changes. From what I read, this was supposed to be the first part of the trilogy about the tower of Babel, but the author never wrote the next parts. But even without them this is a great play.
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