Billiard at Half Past Nine
book — Germany — 1959

For some reason unknown to me I consider Mr. Boell to be an important modern German writer. I may be wrong, but something tells me I`m not. This novel though is not a modern German classic, at least it`s what I think it to be. So, there`s this important family of the 20th century Germany, and there`s nothing particular to tell. There are three generations of those people, but not much going on with them. The granddad was once a dynamite expert at the war, but I don`t really know anything about it. To be quite honest, I didn`t read the book too honest, for it bored me to death, and beyond. There`s a bad guy also participating, and he doesn`t do anything as well. Ok, he was a villain at WW2, as far as I understood, but to be frank - I don`t give a damn about the heroes of this book, what they did and why. A wasted time. Full stop.
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