Hamlet or the long night comes to an end
book — Germany — 1966

It`s been ages since I read a book this big in German. And I mean literally ages - at least since my previous life. A modern version of Hamlet, you ask? Gotta have lots of perversion in it, you know what these modern versions are usually like. Strangely this isn`t the case. Edward Allison comes from WW2 with only one leg, and has to remain at the hospital for his mind isn`t really well, but his mother persuades the doctors to let him stay with the family. Everything would be ok, hadn`t Edward due to some strange reason decided that he should solve the mysteries in his own house. Which means - unfold his fathers secret. While he tries to find the truth within himself, his relatives tell him weird stories - for example, the one about the princess of Tripoli that lived from men`s life and managed to remain young for a very long time, and a version of king Lear`s life where he isn`t a hero but a tyrant. Gordon (Edwards father) is a writer and his marriage to Alice collapses when Edward drives him out of his home because of the past. Alice tells Edward, that he isn`t his father`s son and goes on the search for her true lover. While his father (who is Gordon) dies in the hands of the mother who has once again accepted him, Edward slowly comes back to himself, understanding that he isn`t a Hamlet, no matter how he tried to be one. What do I say? Despite the length, it`s an interesting novel, showing the confusion of modern times, having quite a few interesting stories told by the characters on their way coping with themselves.
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