The Fall
book — Switzerland — 1971

Having found an interest towards Duerenmatt`s writing I decided to read another book by him. This time it`s a story book, and it`s still no stinker. First, there`s "The Fall" - a board of 15 people runs some sort of revolutionary communist state, under tyrany of a guy named A (the members of the board are named according to their rating with roman letters). Everything changes when there`s some strange news of the dissapearence of a guy named O which results in a disobeyment and killing the tyrant. Later it turns out though that nothing had indeed happened to O who just had forgotten what day it was. And the hero of the story without doing anything from N gets upgraded to G. Then there`s "Abu Chanifa and Anan ben David" - a muslim and a rabbi get sent to a joint room in a prison and spend many hundreds of years together discovering the common things in their beliefs. Later the rabbi gets released and becomes the eternal jew make 2, but in the end he finds his pal in prison once again. "Smithy" tells us of a guy who makes his money by making corpses dissapear, as he falls in love with a woman that he must make dissapear. And last but not least comes the funniest of them all - "The death of Pythia" which tells us how the Oracle of Delphi predicts just as a joke that Oedypus will kill his father and marry his mother, and how the prediction comes true on more than one level - not only does he do that - but he also sleeps with his REAL mother and kills his REAL father - for there was a baby exchange, and maybe there was more than one Oedypus. Conclusion: stories number 1 and 4 are just great, number 2 is very good, but number 3 is nothing special. Which still makes it a very good book.
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