The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy

Actually there`s a real big-screen motion picture of tHGttG coming out next year, but until then I can settle for this BBC film. Not that it`s bad, not at all. The story goes basically through the first two books of the Guide (actually, it`s the 6 radio episodes, but it doesn`t really matter), where Arthur Dent`s house is bulldozed to make a bypass, and so is Earth dissintegrated to make a transgalactic bypass. But Arthur manages to leave the Earth together with his friend Ford Prefect who just happens to come from a planet somewhere in Beetlegeuse 5. On their space hitchhiking voyage they meet the bi-headed Zaphod Beetlebrox and Trillian, a girl Artur once met at a party. If you haven`t read the book or watched the film, or heard the radio program, it probably makes no sense to you, therefore I won`t go on raving about the story. I liked it, hey, I forgot to mention that it`s all by Douglas Adams! Anyhow, the special effects aren`t particulary impressive, but it`s a TV movie, for christssake! At least there`s nothing offensive about it, ok, maybe the look of Marvin is offensive, but never mind that. You gotta dig deeper - and if you do that, you`ll notice what a good comedy this is.
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