Aussichten auf den Buergerkrieg
book — Germany — 1994

Once again I have read an essay. If this goes on soon I`ll be a total elitist. Since I`m not one yet, let`s hear what this essay can offer us. I don`t have any information of this Enzensberger fellow but I gotta admit that he has his points. The essay speaks of the civil war on the atomic level that happens everythere all the time. This war isn`t a social one - it`s mostly the rich against the rich, the poor against the poor, the black against the black. And the society has become even more violent than it was in the time of the Cold war, for then most of the fighting was done for some weird ideas, but now it`s done without any ideas at all. And the civil wars everywhere in the world have become even worse than they were before. Another aspect is that most people don`t feel guilty - like most Germans didn`t feel guilty for Hitler although it was them who let him get the power and it was them who let them keep it. But in the end every criminal is the victim himself - because of his poor family, violent father, bad neighborhood or something like that. A person never is considered bad as such. And that, according to Enzensberger, is wrong. And I don`t really see why I should disagree with him
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