Annie Hall

Woody Allen is a jerk! Now I can state that clearly! This happens to be his best film, according to the IMDB but it`s stupid, boring and everything that goes with it. Ok, I know that Woodie got his own style of comedy that nobody has ever tried to reproduce (ok, probably someone has, I really don`t care), but his style isn`t particulary good. Ok, it`s a bit odd seing a film that sounds like a documentary or an amateur film (I don`t have the right words to describe it), but there`s nothing special about it. Ok, I can probably say that this film depicts life as it is, without making you feel like you watch a movie, but as if you were watching life itself, but in that case - life isn`t very interesting, and so is the case with this film. Alvy (Woody) breaks up with his girlfriend Annie Hall, and re-lives their relationship in a series of flashbacks. Most of which are boring - rarely have I seen something this uninteresting. Ok, the Woody`s character is a bit funny but it`s the same character he has played in his other 30 films - a guy having problems in his sex life because there`s no harmony in bed between him and his woman, who`s a silly nerd, good for nothing, well, whatever, I don`t even wanna talk about. And how can fans and critics adore this utterless piece of junk - is a real mystery to me. The rating of 4.0 is too high for this film, but only for the originality of style it gets it from me. Heck, "A Midssummer Night`s Sex Comedy" was much better than this, and it still didn`t really ring the bell!
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