Moulin Rouge
film — USA — 2001

I guess I can`t call myself particulary interested in musicals. And I have my reasons for that: first, the music is usually quite cheeky and the singing - awful. Second, the storyline of the average musical is not more complicated than that of a Swedish porn movie. And last but not least I think that adoring musicals shows the person`s bad taste. Then why did I watch this one? Because I was told that it was good. I did have my doubts though - Nicole Kidman as the leading actress is a good thing for sure, but what else could a film about a French sluthouse offer? Ok, I know that the red Mill wasn`t exactly a sluthouse, but basically it still was. Now come to think about the film. The story is stilly quite simple - a young writer from Switzerland comes to Paris and falls in love with the best courtisane of Moulin Rouge. And she falls in love with him. But a rich duke who invests loads of money into Moulin Rouge also craves her, and it brings up the problems. The plot as such can`t score big points for the film. But as for the music - it rocks! Could you imagine a cabaret in early 1900s the people sing "Here we are now - entertain us" or a dude who apparantly has written "The One" by Elton John. Or a performance of "Roxanne" (The Police)? It`s totally cool, although I still prefer the original versions, but this surely is one weird musical.
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