Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
film — USA — 1999

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (if I remember correctly their names) are two real weirdos, that are fighting for human rights and freedom of speech all the time. Or it`s what I think they do. Nevermind that what they do is creating South Park - one of the cartoon series with the crappiest kind of animation ever. Nevertheless this kind of animation has its share of charme, and the film has its value. Of course, the language in it is very foul. What else could you expect from a musicle which has the song "Uncle Fucker" in it? Not much. But, first - the music is really good. Songs like "What would Brian Boitano do" and others are very nice. About the plot - when the film "Asses of fire" by Terence and Philip - two Canadian comedians makes the children of South Park swear all the time, their mothers start a war on Canada. Alec Baldwin gets killed (if you have interest for that), but the little boys - Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny (deceased) do everything to save Terence & Philip from being murdered as war criminals and from Satan and Saddam Hussein (who happen to be lovers) to come and claim power over the world. Although this film probably cost less than 10% of what "Team America" required, this stuff is certainly better, it has lots of social critique in it and bears a very clear and positive message.
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