book — Italy — 2000

The master`s latest. Baudolino is an old man who has lived a life full of wonders. Born in a swamp, he became the stepson to the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa (you can guess that it happened in the 12th century). He was a very good liar and invented quite many christian myths. But his main quest in life was to find the king John who lived somewhere in the farest East and ruled over the three Indias and the mysterious people inhabiting them. Together with his friends Baudolino went on this voyage and almost got there. That`s strange about this book is that Eco unlike in his other stories about Medieval times gives us unbelievable things - like people who have only one leg or genitalia on their neck, etc. But you can`t be really sure what`s true and what isn`t since what we hear is the story Baudolino tells to a chronist named Nikita. The ending is a bit of surprise although not as much as it could have been. To be honest, I don`t really know why I rate this book that much lower than "Focaults Pendulum" but I still do it. Probably, it`s because there`s too much repetition in here, probably not. It`s still a very good book, and I honestly doubt that Eco would be able to write something not very good.
Change of attitude - "Baudolino" is worth a nine for sure.
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