Hollow Man
film — USA — 2000

Under normal conditions I probably wouldn`t watch a film like this one. But being alone in a London hotel room and having very little to do - little choice of TV, little to read and nowhere to go - I said: why not watch "Hollow Man" which was running on TV at the time. First, I must admit that I didn`t see the beginning of the film (it may have been quite a significant part in terms of minutes), but I guess, that I saw enough. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) is a scientist that becomes invisible, and being invisible he slowly goes mad and starts attacking the people who were responsible for his becoming invisible. The special effects in the film were really good, that`s for sure but everything else didn`t really live up to it (and I didn`t have expectations set low at the beginning because I had no expectations at all). What was wrong? First, I maybe missed it in the beginning but this Caine person somehow had something similar to super powers - he succeeded very vicious attacks (although his male opponent was also made of something similar to steele), he wasn`t even hurt when he had been burning for a few minutes, etc. The reasons for him becoming mad - Linda had a boyfriend but he wanted to be her boyfriend, so he started killing everyone. As you can guess Linda and the other fellow were the only two to live this mayhem. Actually there`s nothing more to add, except that the film was quite boring to watch, very predictable and a bit silly. Although it`s probably just me who doesn`t like this kind of films
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