Scandinavian Nights
concert video — UK — 1972

It took me some time to watch this concert, although it`s really good. I don`t really know what stopped me from finishing watching this when I started it. Let`s start with a statement: by 1972 Deep Purple had recorded most of their classic material and after that have never managed to outplay themselves again. When we have this statement it`s clear how a concert from that time can be totally great. The song selection is superb - and I guess it`s a good thing that there`s no "Smoke on the Water" in sight. But what we do get kinda kicks the roof off: "Highway Star", "Strange Kind of Woman", "Fireball", "Child in Time" and "Black Night", "Space Truckin`". Plus there`s three more songs which I don`t find that good but they are no bad either. Ian Gillan`s vocal power is amazing, so is Blackmore`s guitar playing. Of course, the songs tend to be very long, with a lot of jamming going on, but that`s a good thing. And who cares that this video got no colors? The Beatles rarely were in color but did that make them worse that say "Nirvana"? I don`t think so. And this concert is surely not a great masterpiece in terms of camera work, but it`s a great masterpiece in terms of music. And what more can you ask for?
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