I gotta say that I had already seen this film before, there`s nothing to deny. But since it was some time ago, and I didn`t have a factoid back then, let`s pretend I never saw this film before. Two ordinary Soviet guys (of the mid 1980s) accidentally land on a distant planet in the galaxy of Kin-dza-dza. The planet is quite weird. It`s run by a race called "Chetlanye" while the other people are considered as "Pacaki" on the basis of some stupid light thingy that doesn`t really say nothing. To get home they need to use a "gravicapa" but to run that thing they need matches. Being not careful enough they lose their matches and have to find an alternate method to get home. I`m not really quite sure whether I can write the story here because it`s too obscure on paper. But on screen it looks just fine. Of course, the alien planet looks very much like the earth, of course it`s basically social satyre, but I don`t really care for that for what it is - is a really fun comedy, a good entertainment, and it`s what I ask from a film like this. The jokes are usually funny, most of them seem original, and the acting is also good. T`is a heck of a comedy!
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