24 Hour Party People
film — UK — 2002

Why do I always watch them films about music? I don`t really know the answer to that. And this was certainly a bad choice what to watch. The film is somewhat between a real motion picture and a documentary - most of the stuff really did happen but in a bit different manner. What really bother`s me is the style of music you get in this film. I`m not a particular goer for the "Joy Division", "Happy Mondays" sound but it`s what you basically get. The centre piece of the film is a TV guy named Tony Wilson, a man who owned the label that recorded Joy Division and Happy Mondays. Later he also founded the Hacienda - the most notorious nightclub in Manchester. But what`s bad is that it`s the place where rave was born. And you can guess - to I like rave? No, I don`t. And I`m not particulary interested in Mr. Wilson`s life (although Steve Coogan is a good actor). So, we get this drugs issue, and Wilson`s private life. And nothing else? Oh, yeah, we get a mess of a movie - with disturbing music, no point being made, actually - with nothing. The only positive thing I can find here is the first ten minutes - before we switch to new-wave. Punk was pretty good, I liked the way the first Sex Pistols concert was shown, but after that everything went slowly downwards. Unless you can identify yourself with this kind of music I don`t think you should watch this.
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