Hercules and Augias` Stable
book — Switzerland — 1954

This came together with the play about the donkey, but since the quality of the plays isn`t particulary similar, I write about this one separately. Hercules, as we all know did quite a lot of heroic stuff, among witch he cleaned a kings stable in one hour. But Duerenmatt provides us the real story - a dirty little town where everyone theoretically is against garbaging but still does nothing against it invites Hercules to clean. Since he`s out of money, Hercules takes the job. But upon arrival he finds out that he has come to a place of great burreaucracy, where to clean the garbage you must get hundreds of permissions from different commitees that do nothing. Meanwhile his wife flirts with the kings (or actually - the president`s) son, but that doesn`t really bother Hercules. In the end he not only doesn`t clean anything up but he starts working at a circus just to get some money, for example, boxes with mammoths in it. But he leaves the town broken and unhappy. The idea behind the play is, of course, positive, but the way Duerenmatt presents the whole situation isn`t particulary interesting - I found his version of the play for the radio much better than the real - stage version. But I still think that among modern playwriters Duerenmatt had a very good ranking.
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