The Man Who Sued God

I don`t know how it happened but this is the first record in my Factoid concerning the Down Under. Still, you must admit that the title for the film seems quite intriguing. Of course, it also gives you the idea that the film is going to be a comedy. And to no surprise it turns out really to be a comedy. What a wonder, you`ll say! So, there`s Mr. Myers, who`s an ordinary fisherman (not a very good one though), and when his boat gets struck by lightning and the insurance company states that what has happened was a `force majeur` or `and act of God` mr. Myers has no better idea than to sue God to get the money for his boat back. Together with God he sues all the main churches of Australia as his representatives. The idea as such is brilliant - both in terms of law and in terms of film. About how it`s performed I can say that the film ain`t no masterpiece - first, it has too much silly comedy stuff going on; and second, it has too much silly romantic stuff going on between Myers and Anna, a journalist that helps his with his work. What I do like I Myers` speeches in the courtroom (he actually is a lawyer who gave up everything to become a fisherman) where he speaks how corrupt the churches are, being owners of the insurance companies and not caring about the blasphemy in the `act of God`. And what`s best - the churches can only really win the case if they prove that God doesn`t exist. Judging the film - great idea, stupid parts of scenario, a solid leading actor, a tollerable leading actress. What does it make? A film that has its moments but certainly could have been much more than it is.
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