film — USA — 1990

Can you imagine Mel Gibson playing Hamlet? I certainly couldn`t until I watched this film. Though I`m not really sure even now, whether he can play Hamlet. What`s weird is that this counts as an American film, althought it was filmed in the UK, has mainly British actors, and has nothing reminding me of this being an American film. I tried really hard to like this film, but I didn`t succeed at that. You see, it`s a very honest version of Hamlet - you don`t have nothing unexpected happening in the film - it goes just like Shakespears play, but I don`t find a film particulary interesting if it mainly has the leading actor speaking monologues. Of course, I know that good ol` Willie wrote it this way, but it`s not perfectly interesting on film. And what else is there to say? I`m not mad enough to quote the film, or to tell what happens there - if you can read then you must be familiar with the plot of Hamlet. So from such a film you can`t await too much - some good acting, and that`s probably it. Although I can imagine that a better film can be made from this play which stills is one of the heights of drama. But for me "Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead" still is a much better film than this quite orthodox interpretation.
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