The Beatles Anthology 1
film — UK — 1995

I`m not so sure you`ve heard about this, but there once was this rock`n`roll band that beared the name "The Beatles". It was hugely popular in the strange decade of 1960s and some claimed that the band was more popular than Jesus in his prime years (I mean before he switched to Christian Rock). And some 20-25 years after the Beatles ceased to be this film was made. "Anthology" is it`s name, and here comes the first part. It has the early days of the Beatles on it. From the day when John Lennon was born until "Please Please Me" topped the charts and the "Fab Four" became fab. We see and here audio and video footage of very bad quality with the Beatles playing at the cavern, playing in Hamburg, playing some demo sessions. We see how they had this really good looking guy in the band, I guess his name was Martin, who couldn`t play the base, but at least he was cool. From the point of music this film isn`t that great - c`mon, back in 1959, for example, The Beatles weren`t the Beatles millions learned to love. But still this is an interesting historic document, clearly showing the way the band made its way to the top, despite everything that went in its way. I stiil hope that the second part of the documentary will be better than this, for it surely will feature better music on it.
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