The Beatles Anthology 2
film — UK — 1995

Oh, boy, what made me think this film had only two parts? It turned out that there was eight of them! That`s quite a lot - something like 10 hours of film about the Beatles. The second part actually was less interesting than the first one. Why? First, because I already knew some bits about the first year of Beatlemania. Then - the crappy live performances were substituted for great lipsynching performances. I`m not really sure whether the Beatles really never played live or the audio quality from those recordings is that bad that it didn`t get on tape. Whatever. But there was one really cool thing that stood out. When the Beatles did a performance at the Queen`s ball John before playing "Twist and Shout" said that they would need the help of the audience for that: "For the people in the cheaper seats, clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you just rattle your jewelry." That was pretty good. An appearance of them on a stupid comedy show was also fun. What else? There was a lot of unsuccesful takes in the studio, including a dialogue like this one: "Paul forgot to sing." - "God, I`m sorry. I was just watching George..." or "Don`t slow down for christ sakes... or I`m giving you no more drugs."
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