concert — USA — 1998

John Fogerty was the leader of one huge rock`n`roll band - "Creedence Clearwater Revival" - and after that he has recorded quite a lot of solo work. In mid nineties he had one of his comebacks, and this is when this concert was recorded. I must admit that I had never heard before a major part of those songs on the album, but since he does many of the CCR numbers, the concert is interesting enough. His band sounds quite powerful and his vocals haven`t aged that badly. "Bad Moon Rising" is almost as good as it was in the sixties, but "I Put A Spell on You", while being performed quite solidly doesn`t match the performance at Woodstock in 1968, which is no wonder, of course. The newer material is also quite good, although certainly not groundbreaking. John never was a real revolutionary in the music business and he doesn`t become much more radical while getting older. Still this is a very nice concert for people who like that old time R`n`b sound from the days when r`n`b didn`t mean something similar to rap music with some sweet sounding nonsense replacing real music.
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