The Beatles Anthology 3
film — UK — 1995

The Beatles go to America for the first time, play the Ed Sullivan show, instead of lip-synching we get some pretty low quality live performances (because of the sound quality). The Beatles make their first movie. The best part is probably Ringo telling, why his performance was better than the others - it`s because of him having a hangover most of the time, therefore he didn`t need to act to show himself feeling miserable. Since I find that particular film quite good, the story of making it is also interesting for me. After that the Beatles go to Australia and do some shows back there. The music isn`t still what I want it be - because we don`t come past "A Hard Day`s Night" stuff. But it`s interesting to see and hear what the Beatles were like live, why those little girls got crazy from their performance. Probably I wouldn`t go mad but they still were a pretty good live band, especially concerning that they never could hear themselves during the performance.
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