The Beatles Anthology 4
film — UK — 1995

We now reach the mid point of this massive documentary. The Beatles do Hollywood Bowl, go to America for the second time, get the MBI (member of the British Empire) from the Queen, John does some silly stuff on the stage (I guess, this may have influenced Monty Python`s Flying Circus, but I`m not really sure about that). After that they do the "Help!" film, which is a complete silliness. But now I know the reasons for that - the Beatles simply asked the scriptwriters to insert scenes in regions they had never been to - so they go to the Bahamas and skiing in the Alps, not caring too much about the plot of the film. And then there was the problem with the drugs - none of them was capable of remembering his part. But the most interesting part is Paul telling how he wrote "Yesterday" which came to him in a dream of his and he later was sure that he had heard the melody somewhere, for such a beautiful can`t come in a dream. And the other Beatles made some fun of this song as Paul`s solo number like introducing the song: "And now for Paul McCartney of Liverpool - opportunity night..." - and so he`s left alone on the stage with his guitar. And then there`s a cool introduction to a song done by Ringo who says: "There he is - all out of key and nervous he`ll sing "Act Naturally" - Ringo!" - a nice way to introduce himself.
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