The Beatles Anthology 5
film — UK — 1995

The Beatles play at the "Shea" stadium in the States. Overall their performance seems to have been quite a good one - and they don`t do only the popular numbers anymore, the recording quality certainly could have been much better, but it isn`t so there`s nothing that can be done about it. John goes a bit wild on there - stars playing the piano with his elbows and acting like he was crazy. Then the Beatles meet Elvis (although there`s no footage of that visit). But there`s one thing I didn`t know - that Elvis was actually supporting the idea of banning the Beatles in the States, so they wouldn`t spoil the american youth - and there even was an ugly photo of Elvis shaking Richard Nixon`s hand. "Norvegian Wood" introduces the sitar to popular music - that song isn`t performed live, but it`s still that big of a classic that I simply must mention it. The Beatles stop doing TV performances and start recording promo videos of their singles - as a matter of fact in this way they started the concept of music videos - cool. We reach "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver" - thus coming very close to the best (imho) period of their carreer. They go to Japan and it turns out that they don`t sound too good - because the audience isn`t that loud therefore their mistakes can be heard.
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