The Beatles Anthology 6
film — UK — 1995

The sweet milk in the lives of the Beatles starts turning sour. They get booed from the Phillipines because of not going to a party of the local dictator. Thus the Beatles managed accidentally (for they didn`t go there just because they were lazy) to avoid losing their face by playing for the dictator. The Beatles decide to stop touring for nobody listens to their concerts but only screams by looking at them. The Beatles record "Sergeant Pepper" - a real milestone in modern music which showed that rock`n`roll can be much more than just music for dancing. "Penny Lane" and especially "A Day in the Life". The latter is probably the greatest song the Beatles ever did, and boy did they do many great songs. This song was also the very first one to feature the line "I`d love to turn you on." What was also cool was Paul admitting to reporters of using drugs. But it was cool - they way he did - saying that it was the reporters and not him who talked about him using drugs thus telling the youth that their idols were on drugs and supporting them taking drugs themselves.
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