The Beatles Anthology 7
film — UK — 1995

The summer of love has started, although it probably wasn`t the way we think about it now. George even went to the States but he didn`t like those drugged kids thus deciding to stop taking LSD himself. When the Beatles were with Maharishi (an Indian spiritual person) in India their long time manager Brian Epstein died of an OD (or something like that) thus starting all the really big trouble (probably the previous big trouble was Lennon saying that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus - although I find that to be completely true). But now they decide to start all the shit they can start - they make the "Magical Mystery Tour" film. The idea behind it was probably not that bad, but what came out of it was quite horrible indeed (apart from the performances of "Your Mother Should Know" and "I`m the Walrus"). "Yellow Submarine" cartoon on the other hand totally rocked, but the whole "Apple" thing went completely nowhere, and I guess it was said right in the "Rutles" film: "At one stage they were losing money faster than the British government."
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