The Beatles Anthology 8
film — UK — 1995

Just so the 10 hours long journey through the carreer of the fab four comes to the end. "The White Album" isn`t a collective work by the band anymore, but it still has many beautiful songs upon it. The tension in the band has become really bad, and the making of "Let it Be" which was supposed to be a film of them making an album becomes a real horror - with nobody liking what the rest did. Ringo leaves the band, but comes back again, the same happens to George. The songs are simply beautiful, despite all the problems in the band. The arrival of Yoko in John`s life is probably the biggest problem which the band faces. This doesn`t mean that John can`t come up with great songs anymore, but the Beatles as a band have almost died by the time. Still they do the legendary performance on the roof, which was simply superb. Later the Beatles reunite to record "Abbey Road" being almost sure that it`s the last album, therefore they were much more relaxed and each one of them did their best. There`s also the video to "Free as a Bird" - but that song sounds too little like the Beatles and too much like Tom Petty (I wonder whether Jeff Lynne of ELO also produced Tom Petty). And the last words of John in this film are just so cool: "It`s just natural. It`s not a great disaster. People dramatise like it`s the end of the world. It`s only a rock band that got split up. It`s nothing important." Isn`t it really?
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