Bunuel y la mesa del rey Salomon
film — Spain — 2001

Luis Bunuel was one of the greatest directors that ever came out of Spain. And when I got this film I thought it was one of his works. But I was proven wrong - because I thout it was something like "Bunuel`s mesa del ray Salomon" but "y" in Spanish, as it was proven by "Y tu mama tambien" means "and". So it`s more like "Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail". With the exception that this isn`t a real adventure film and that the grail is replaced with king Solomon`s table which can tell both past and future. On Bunuels journey his two friends are with him - painter Salvadore Dali and poet Luis Garcia Lorca. The film is totally surreal, quite in the same style Bunuel did in the 1930s together with Dali ("The Andalusyan Dog" is surely the best example). It`s not clear when all the things happen - is it some twisted today with them all having jumped out of the thirties, or is it some twisted 1930s with modern Japanese tourists. Anyhow, this film is bizarre. Although at the beginning I thought this to be somewhat similar to "National Treasure" this film reminds me of nothing. And I don`t know whether this means something good or bad. By the way, what was "The Andalusyan Dog" about? I guess the same thing. And that would be? ...Um,... don`t know.
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