Bridget Jones Diary

You know what? I had nothing better to do, since I was in no mood for intellectual masterpieces, so I watched another of those "Bridget Jones" films. The first part it was. So, let`s go into details. Bridget Jones is a woman in her early thirties, a bit overweight, a bit too much drinking and smoking, absolutely stupid (ok, not absolutely but pretty far from intellectual for sure), and single. But that`s bound to change. How strange it might seem (knowing that she never had a real boyfriend of her own) there are whole two seekers of her body and soul. One of them is Colin Firth who happens to go around under the name of Mark Darcy. The other one is Hugh Grant, who also has a name for his character. Mark is a lawyer, and a not very interesting person. Hugh, on the other hand, is a very cool guy although he`s a bit sex obsessed. And only one of them can come out the winner. Although Mark stays with Bridget in the end, I guess Hugh shouldn`t be unhappy about - he had his share of love-making and he doesn`t have to stay with a smoking girlfriend. Although he strangely doesn`t feel happy at all. Comparing this film with the sequel, I found the first part a bit better. Why? I`ve absolutely no idea.
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