Pretty Baby

I`m a nasty pervert, my dears ones, and I`m not ashamed. Why should I be? Who are you to judge me? I watched this film about prostitution in 1920s and I`m not ashamed at all. And this film even features nudity from a 13-year-old Bruke Shields. And I don`t give a damn about this. What`s the story about? Violet is growing up in a whorehouse and her time to start making money arrives just now. Her mother wants to leave the damned place, but Violet has nothing against it - it`s a living after all. She`s a bit perverted for sure - but what else can you expect if you grow up in a place like this? There`s another important character in the film - it`s Bellocq - a photographer, who`s by the way a historical person - who made a lot of pictures of prostitutes of Storyville (that`s in in New Orleans). He develops some weird passion for Violet, but she`s not ready for him, of course, and not the physical part is the problem - she`s perfectly capable of that but her imagination of what life is about is a bit... so to say... uncharacteristic for a person like me. What`s wrong with this film? It doesn`t actually tell you that prostitution is bad, that child prostitution is bad (I may think that it is but it doesn`t matter) - and that`s ok with me, for the last thing I need is somebody moralising like he was J.C. in a McDonald`s cap.
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