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book — Germany — 1955

Why on earth do people write boring books? I really don`t know but probably they get some sort of tingling in their backbone from doing that. This book in question, for example, is a story about a woman that leaves her husband with a total stranger, spends a few months with him, then comes back to her husband, stays a few months at home, and goes away with the same stranger once again. Oh, and on her second leaving she dies in a car crash. For the 300 pages of the book it wouldn`t be too little, if there had been some other things happening. But basically it`s just what I`ve already told. Her thinking isn`t particulary interesting to me, her husband and lover are both quite uninspiring characters and the whole thing drags like a very slow snail that has probably suffered a heart attack just two minutes ago. And what`s the worst thing about it is that this is the most typical kind of German literature you can encounter - too pretentious, too long, too useless.
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