Frank the Fifth
book — Switzerland — 1959

Back to Mr. D. once again! I don`t really know why I keep reading his books, probably because he has a lot of them in the library I visit occasionally. So, this one is a clear piece of satyre. Frank the Fifth is the owner of a private bank, but the times are hard, you know, and a private bank can`t survive unless you do some dirty work. Franks with lower numbers - his predecessors also did some nasty stuff but at least they were rich - one of them owned China, for example. But Frank the Fifth is a good fellow, he likes literature, but everyone who works for him is a crook and those crooks steal from the bank the whole time. On the other hand they also steal, lie and even murder FOR the bank. Then the things are going extremely bad, Frank immitates his own death, but it goes against the plan of his children who plan to take over the bank which their father wants to close. And the whole shebang goes on once again. The rest of the people is worse than Frank - he can`t even kill a person, unlike his wife, for example. Of course, this stuff is massive satyre, and it`s funny, if you ask my opinion. This Duerenmatt fellow knew how to write a good piece of satyre, that`s for sure.
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