Le Fabuleux Destin d` Amelie Poulain
film — France — 2001

Of course, I had seen this film before. But why can`t I tell what I think about it now? I`m not weird enough to add this to the date when I first saw the film - it was quite a long time ago and I`ve wouldn`t remember it that good, had I written only based on the first watching. So, Amelie is a waitress in a cafe in Paris but her life changes one day when she finds a "treasure box" a boy hid in her suite some fourty years ago. And she decides to find the owner of childrens stuff she has found. And from that day everything goes in another way than it did before. The film is directed by the same Mr. Jeunet that created "The city of lost children" and "Delicatessen". "Amelie" also has a weird world in it but it`s not dark and dreary anymore - it`s just weird, every person has his little funny hobbies which don`t do other people no harm. The message of the film is a positive one, and it`s not sad and funny, it`s just funny without being primitive at all. Probably one of the best films I`ve ever seen. And it gave Audrey Tautou international fame - which she certainly deserved. It was nominated for five Oscars but didn`t receive a single one - and I don`t even wonder why.
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