Death Becomes Her
film — USA — 1992

It`s been years since I had last seen this film - at least 8 of them by my reconings. But I somehow was still able to remember almost perfectly what would happen at any moment of this film. Although this ain`t clearly no Shakespeare this film boasts an impressive cast and an all-star director in the person of Robert Zemeckis. The leading roles are taken by Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep - is that good enough for ya? So, Ernest Menville is a successful plastic surgeon (yeah, everybody speaks how good he is but to me that`s one REAALY important job for sure) and he`s engaged to Helen (Hawn) but when he sees and hears Madelaine (Streep) perform, he falls in love with her in an instant and marries her instead. After 14 years both Helen and Madelaine take up a potion that keeps you young forever (and makes you immortal at that) but some side-effects this thing does have. It`s then when Ernest decides to leave both these women that don`t do nothing good for him (and as far as I got he didn`t return to re-shaping tits). This is what people call a black comedy, not a particulary funny though, but it`s surely memorable - at least for me, if nothing more.
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