Gosford Park

I don`t remember when I last watched a real quality detective movie. And this one is one in deed. Gosford Park amazingly got quite a lot of Oscar nominations in 2002 (although it won just a single one), which is weird for a film not having big stars in it and not being particulary groundbreaking. The story is a simple on indeed - a company of guests and servants has gathered in a huge house in the country for hunting but at night the master of the house, Sir William, is murdered. And almost everybody had some reason to want his death. The detective story isn`t the central moment though - it`s more about the relationships between masters and servants (the film is set in the 1930s), masters and masters, and servants and servants. Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon (both of whom play teachers in "Harry Potter"). What are the things that distinguish from a Agatha Christie piece (which it at times ressembles) - first, there`s no marriage in the end, the only possible pair parts never to see each other again (not that they put it like that). Then, the murderer doesn`t go to prison because the cop is less intelligent than Mrs.Christie could have probably written one, and the person that solves the crime is the probable-lover of one of the killers. This film certainly has very well-developed characters, but I have seen better films than this one.
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