If you had talked, Desdemona
book — Germany — 1990

The concept as such is quite a fresh one, probably not a fresh one, but still something I never read. Its what women of the worlds most important men might have said. For example, how Desdemona could have told Othello that he was an asshole, or what Maria could have told God about herself being a virgin. Then there`s Martin Luther`s wife complaining for crowds of goodfornothings comming to them for dinner. And what I found the best of the sotireswere the words of Hetaere Megara for the women of Athens in order to stop war - she said that it`s not the lack of sex that will bring their man to victory but too much sex which will bring the end of the war without battles. Nobody listens to her, of course. I also found quite interesting what a dying Donna Laura can write to her beloved Petrarca blaming him for not caring about her at all but just loving a vision of his own, thus making her a masterpiece instead of a living woman. Feministic tendencies are quite strongly expressed in this book but why would I consider that to be such a bad thing? I have no reasons to do so.
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