The blue dress
book — Germany — 2002

I`m not really sure whether I`m into books about homosexual people, but this is one piece of this category. There`s this man who`s lost his lover who died from cancer, and there`s this woman who`s husband die in a traffic accident. Both of them are lonely and have no one to comfort them. The woman does find a lover for herself but she doesn`t really know wheter she wants him just for sex, or she wants him for all but sex. They form a weird couple, but I guess I have already seen a couple like this in some film. The gay men fall into the most popular category of homosexual men - they are fashion designers, and it`s actually what brought the remaining one of them and the woman together - she brought a blue dress from those gay men. Not a particulary interesting book, of course, but not half bad as well, just not my kind of literature.
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